OOO Family clinic Nebolit (Limited Liability Company)

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OOO Family clinic Nebolit

A healthy family creates a healthy nation

In Belgorod city we have opened the first family clinic, which provides medical service for all the members of your family. To be happy is simple and hard at the same time. We feel really happy when our children, relatives and friends are healthy. In our family clinic we are always ready to help you and the members of your family. Family clinic Nebolit is a new generation clinic, our personnel is oriented for long-term work with the customers. Here you can get medical aid for all members of your family of different ages and illnesses. We offer medical program supervision for healthy children of all ages and children with different pathologies as well. The standard contract, agreed by parents, will include pediatrician observation and other specialists consulting.
Our thoughtful personnel creates a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. Every time you attend our medical establishment, you will feel attention and care.

How to subscribe

In our clinic you can conclude a contract to subscribe for medical service. The contract gives you the opportunity to solve health problems and maintain your health.

Service within the contract includes:

    • individual supervision of therapist (observation, consulting, curing) for the contract period.
    • periodical examination of specialists: otolaryngologist, neurologist, surgeon, endocrinologist, dentist, breast physician, proctologist, urologist, andrologist.
    • laboratory research: clinical blood test, blood test for glucose, lipid profile.
    • device research: ECG in details and Ultrasound 

In cases when illness is detected the customer is constantly observed by the specialist throughout the contract period.

Family clinic Nebolit means No pains!

In our clinic we offer the patients quick and qualified medical service. OOO Family clinic Nebolit is a multi-specialty establishment, where you can get medical aid in all main fields by the highly qualified doctors: pediatrician, therapist, otolaryngologist, surgeon, neurologist, neurosurgeon, oncologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, venereologist, gynecologist, endocrinologist, urologist, andrologist, dentist, masseur. 

Many types of laboratory analysis are carried out in our clinic. Here you can make full medical research in a timely manner.

The main principals of our establishment:

    • democratic approach. Patient and doctor are equal partners. Every step of examination is coordinated with the patient.
    • comprehensive approach. The illness is observed from all sides: physical, psychological, social.

The most important thing for us is to help you!

Healthy personnel

For company head managers OOO Family clinic Nebolit offers personnel periodical medical examination. For the personnel health inspection the clinic has a license for medical activity № LO-31-01-000818, granted by The Department of healthcare and social public protection in Belgorod region.

According to examination results, in cases of disease detection, we offer your company further personnel supervision, consulting and curing with the help of our specialists.