OOO Specialnye systemy (Limited Liability Company)

92, 3 Internationala ul., Belgorod, 308014, Russia

Tel/fax:+7 (4722) 33-82-44 (multichannel)

OOO Specialnye systemy

Safe protection

Our company has a wide variety of services:

1. Security systems. Design, installation, service:

  • alarm systems for enterprises, organizations, shops, offices
  • alarm systems for houses and apartments
  • warning systems for spaces
  • GSM warning systems

2. Fire protection systems. Design, installation, service:

  • fire protection system automatic installation
  • firefighting system automatic installation
  • systems of warning and evacuation managing during fire.>

3. CCTV systems:

  • video surveillance for enterprises, shops, offices;
  • IP- video observation

4. Access control systems:

  • working time logging
  • audio and video on-door speakerphones
  • electromechanical doors, turnstiles, barriers 

5. Air conditioning systems:

  • split system air-conditioner unit
  • air curtains

Innovative technologies

Application of recent technical advances gives us the opportunity to solve any problem that you may face.

High use of a great variety of Russian and foreign equipment helps us to work at any project in a differentiated way.

All in one solution in all segments: video surveillance, security systems, fire protection, air conditioning, control and access management.

The advantages of high technologies will become so evident to you!

We recommend effective solutions and help you to achieve your goals!

A modern office

With our help your office will look modern and prestigious!

  • LAN Installation
  • LAN testing
  • telephone net installation with the capacity of 3,000 numbers 
  • Panasonic, LG PABX assembly, installation and programming  
  • electric wiring works till 1,000V

We will do everything for you while you are working or resting!